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Ditzy Dogs

New Castle, DE 19720

Phone: (302) 357-0713

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Office Hours

Monday:  8am - 6pm

Tuesday:  8am - 6pm

Wednsday:  8am - 6pm

Thursday:  8am - 6pm

Friday:  8am - 6pm

Policies and Procedures

 For the purposes of this document, the terms Client, Owner, Pet Owner, and Customer are synonymous with the person contracting services for one or more domestic


The Owner hereto agrees as follows:


1) Ditzy Dogs agrees to provide services stated in this contract
in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as
an express condition thereof, the Owner expressly waives any and all claims
against Ditzy Dogs and its representative, unless arising from negligence on
the part of Ditzy Dogs or its representative.




2) Ditzy Dogs, its designated third party, or its representative
shall not be held responsible for the loss, injury, death or actions of any pet
that the Owner has let outside or has instructed the walker to allow outside
while walker is not there. This includes pets with doggy doors and outdoor




3) All weekday service requests must be made by 6pm the day before
the service is to take place. Weekend
service requests must be made by 6pm Thursday. 
Ditzy Dogs will take same day service requests but you will be charged a
$5 convenience fee.




4) The Owner understands that all pet(s) (where appropriate) must
have a valid dog license(s) and such
license(s) will be
kept current by the Owner. Any fines resulting from a lapsed license(s) while
under the care of Ditzy Dogs will be charged to the Owner.




5) Ditzy Dogs is not responsible for any dog that is lost due to
an improperly fitted collar, or a collar/leash that breaks or malfunctions in
any way. We recommend that all dogs have
a proper identification tag attached to their collar with the owner’s current
address and phone number.




6) Ditzy Dogs does not diagnose, prognosis, or make therapy
decisions, nor does it offer veterinary services. Any veterinary/medical
concerns will be referred to a veterinarian.




7) The Owner understands that all pet(s) (where appropriate) must
have a veterinarian and must be up to date on required vaccination which
include distemper, rabies and flea protection.




8) Ditzy Dogs will not walk any pets with contagious illness which
can be transmitted to other animals or to humans, such as, but not limited to,
giardia, hookworm, ringworm, roundworm, rabies or leptospirosis. Any pet
recovering from an illness must be accompanied by a DVM certification of good




9) Ditzy Dogs does not accept aggressive pets and reserves the
right to refuse service. Each pet must be non-aggressive towards
people. Pets are cared for based on Owner’s representation. Owner will be
responsible for all damage or medical expenses resulting from injury caused by
aggressive pets.




10) Pre-paid packages are NON-REFUNDABLE, however they DO NOT expire. Clients who have purchased pre-paid packages are exempt from extra fees (holiday, same day, etc).




11) Ditzy Dogs will not walk unruly or untrained dogs or dogs that
choke themselves on their leash.




12) Ditzy Dogs will not accept time specific calls as we cannot
guarantee specific times accurately. We will try our best to perform each
service within 1 hour of the requested time. We will give you a 2 hour window (i.e. 2-4pm).




13) Ditzy Dogs will not be responsible for any key(s) the Owner
has asked to be mailed to their own address. If entry to a home cannot be made
because of faulty key(s), Owner authorizes the use of a locksmith and will be
responsible for all charges.




14) Owner is responsible for providing adequate amount of food for
your pet while in the care of Ditzy Dogs. If it becomes necessary to purchase
additional food for your pet(s) while under Ditzy Dogs care, you will be
charged for the cost of the pet food
plus a $10
service charge will be applied




15) Holidays include:

Christmas, Christmas Eve (After 3PM), New Years, New Years Eve (After 3PM), Easter,
Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July. There is an extra $5 fee for each drop-in  service and a $10 fee for each overnight service on these days.






16) Ditzy Dogs reserves the right to deny service or terminate
service because of safety concerns, financial concerns or inappropriate or
uncomfortable situations.




17) Ditzy Dogs reserves the right to take dog(s) to vet if
necessary. Owner is responsible for all applicable charges.




18) Ditzy Dogs requires you to have a responsible party to take
care of your pet(s) in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as illness or
death to either dog walker or self and in the event of inclement weather or a
natural disaster. It is best your emergency contact is a neighbor so they can
reach your home. Ditzy Dogs is not responsible for pet(s) in these




19) Regular customers are sent an invoice every Monday for the
previous week. The invoice payment is
due within 14 days. In the event of unforeseen costs (vet care,
extra food, etc), payment is due within 14 days. 
After 14 days a late charge of $35 will be applied.




20) Cancellations must be received 2 days prior to overnight
services, 1 week prior to Holiday services, and 1 hour prior to daily services
or you will be charged for the cost of the service.

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